§ 1




“Multicultural friends”

At Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality


Multicultural friends

C/o Nygade 59, 6900 Skjern



§ 2



The purpose of the association is active to work with to create understanding and cooperation between refugees, immigrants and Danes. Inside Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality by giving everybody opportunity to get insight and understanding for each other’s cultural and social background. The short-term goal for the association is to give support and help to self-help to all refugees and immigrants, who have needs for that. The long term is to be helping with a successful integration, where all – Danes as well as immigrants – accept each other.

The association will included itself in a fruitful cooperation with public authorities, institutions, organizations and others, who deals with immigrants- and refugee conditions.


The association will try to draw on the experience of others during cooperating with corresponding associations in the aria.


The association declares itself independent of religious, political and commercial interests.








§ 3



Stk. 1 a) As members includes persons whatever ethnic ancestry, who have the desire and determination to

               work active for the purposes of the association.


               b) Support members can be included.


Stk. 2      Withdrawal have to be at least 1 month prior.


Stk. 3      You have to be pay after the suggestion of Board of Directors and adopted at the General




§ 4

General Meeting


Stk. 1     The General Meeting is the highest authority of the association.


Stk. 2     The annual General Meeting has to be hold before the end of March.

               The invitation have to be at least with 3 weeks’ notice per letter or mail and must include agenda.


Stk. 3     Members, who have paid quota and are 16 years old, must vote. To be selectable you have to be

               18 years old. Written authority can vote it.


Stk. 4     The board consists of chairman, vice chairman, secretary, cashier and ordinary member.

               Cashier- and vice chairman duties cannot disputed of the same person.


Stk. 5     Agenda for the General Meeting have to consist at least the following points:

  1. Selecting two tellers.
  2. Selecting conductor and referent.



3.    Approval of chairman’s record. Including statement of current

                     cooperation agreements.


  1. Approval of accounts.


  1. Processing of proposals received, which have to be received from board latest one week

        before General Meeting.


  1.  Approval of budget and subscription.


  1. Election of directors for two years. In even years have to be selected to members.

In addition, in odd years must be selected three members. It have to be selected two alternates

for one year.


  1. Election of one accountant + one deputy accountant for one year.



  1. A.o.b.


Stk. 6     Election of conductor outside the circle of Board.


Stk. 7                  Decisions have to be token by simple majority.

                             It have to be by written vote, if requested by only one member.

By personal choice happens by written vote, if there are more suggestions than required

to obtain a full strength Board.


Stk. 8                  The Board constitutes itself.



§ 5

Extraordinary General Meeting


Stk. 1                  Extraordinary General Meeting have to be hold, if Board or ⅓ of members writing required it.


Stk. 2     The holding of the meeting have to happen within 4 weeks after the request, and have to be alerted by letter or mail with giving the reasons for the call latest 2 weeks before holding of meeting.                          




§ 6

Association management


Stk. 1                  The daily management is the Board.


Stk. 2                  The Board determine its own rules.


Stk. 3                  The Board may establish subcommittees and working groups to perform specific tasks.


Stk. 4     Board constitutes a quorum when there is at least three members, its chairman or vice chairman present. In the case of tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


Stk. 5     Call to board have to be happen by attached agenda.

                Alternates join too, but without voting.


Stk. 6     In the case of the Chairman’s absence occurs the vice instead.


Stk. 7     In the case of longer-lasting disease or absence be an alternate join.




§ 7

Economics, accounting and auditing


Stk. 1     Beyond member contingent expected funds including from local support and from funds.


Stk. 2     The association's accounting follows the calendar.


Stk. 3     The Board is responsible to General Meeting for the budget and accounting.


The treasurer keeps stk. 4 the association’s accounting


Stk. 5     Auditor, elected by General Meeting, audits the accounting.




§ 8

Drawing rules and liability


Stk. 1     The association characterized externally by the Chairman's signature.


Stk. 2     The association’s treasurer has procuration.


Stk. 3     Non-board members shall not be liable personally for commitments, for whom the association is responsible.





§ 9

Changes of rules


Stk. 1     Changes of rules can only happen with ⅔ majority votes cast on a General Meeting, where you can see the proposed amendments of rules on the agenda.


Stk. 2                  Changes of rules enter into force with effect from that General Meeting, where they were





§ 10



Stk. 1                  Dissolution of the association can only happen with ⅔ majority of the casted votes on two

              consecutive General Meetings, which one of them have to be ordinary.


Stk. 2                  Call have to happen at least 4 weeks’ notice per letter or mail and consisting agenda.


Stk. 3                  About dissolution accrues the assets of the association to some association or institution in the

                             local area with similar purposes. That happens as determined from dissolving General Meeting.


Stk. 4                  The Board function until the financial settlement is completed.




§ 11



Stk. 1                  The rules approved on the General Meeting, where the association has founded.


Date: 29th of January 2013


Conductor's signature                                                                                                                                                                                            Chairman’s signature

Claus Brodtkorb                                                                                                                                                                                                        Svend Nissen Hansen





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